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Preventative care


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Population health management


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Meet Asha.

Prevent decline through our conversational analysis solution. Asha learns about how health is being managed at home and provides predictions & recommendations that can help keep your parents out of the hospital and aging safely at home.

Patent pending

HIPAA compliant

FhiR operable

Patients simply chat with Asha.

Your parents simply chat with Asha throughout their day to stay on top of their care plan.

Auto added appts
medication reminders
Voice Command
Care Directory
Elder Interface

You receive alerts on patient health. 

Monitor the health of your loved one or patient through the Asha mobile app. 

health alerts

communications portal

Conversation History

care plan management

Caregiving Home

Asha’s Story

‘Asha’ or ‘hope’ in Sanskrit, is also the name of my grandmother. As my grandmother battled cancer in India, the rest of my family battled the difficult question of how to manage her health without being physically present. Our connected world and an aging population require a holistic health management solution centered on keeping families connected to each other and to care. We at Asha are committed to solving this problem by using artificial intelligence to educate family members, connect providers, and proactively manage the health of elderly patients.

– Rashmi Joshi, Founder

Meet the Team

Our mission: Connect families to each other and to care. 

Rashmi Joshi

Chief Executive Officer

Raj Tiwari

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Yan Chow

Chief Innovation Advisor

Chris Taylor

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Tony Quang

Chief Medical Officer

Dave Gans

Chief Strategy Officer

Robin Graham

Chief Data Officer

Blake Ilstrup

General Counsel


Anjali Joshi

Data Privacy

George Gosieski

Healthcare IoT

Timothy Marks

Strategic Tech

Dr. Haritha Vankireddy

Geriatric Medicine

Sean B. House

Startup Veteran

Dr. Blaine Warkentine

Medical Innovation

Dipankar Ganguly

Regulatory Compliance

John Huffman

Medical Futurist

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